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Dependable Salinas Pressure Washing Services

Salinas pressure washing

Your Salinas property deserves the best pressure washing business, and Advanced Pressure Washing LLC has just the tools, equipment, and technicians to make sure the job gets done right. When you step outside and look at your Salinas property, you may pay attention to and notice the cracks and dirt and unkempt bushes that have been able to build up over the years because of neglect or nature.

When you work with Advanced Pressure Washing LLC, we make sure that we can clean up your property to the exact specifications that you give us.

  • You won't have to deal with long wait times when we figure out exactly what kind of quote to give you, and our deals are generally affordable.
  • Once our technicians are on your property, you can look forward to quick and easy service because of the years of experience that they have.
  • And once the pressure washing is done your building will look brand new.

So trust the Salinas pressure washing experts at Advanced Pressure Washing LLC today!

Driveway Washing Is A Breeze When You Work With Advanced Pressure Washing LLC!

Driving washing is a pressure washing operation that can be used to improve and beautify your property. The trick comes in the specifics of the job, and not the general way in which pressure washing is done.

Most asphalt driveways can only be washed at around 2,000 to 3000 psi, well concrete driveways need to be washed at around 3,000 PSI or higher to make sure it stays properly removed. An amateur pressure washing operation would not be aware of this fact, and could potentially wash your concrete driveways too softly or wash your asphalt driveways too hard and damage them. You won't find any such amateurish behavior with Advanced Pressure Washing LLC while we take care of your Salinas property.

We Have The Best Roof Washing In Salinas

When you need the best roof washing in the business, you come to Advanced Pressure Washing LLC to make sure that your Salinas property is given the best pressure washing in the business. Roof washing can be a potentially dangerous pressure washing operation that you should never leave the amateurs.

Without proper training and equipment, there's always a chance that someone can get hurt during a pressure washing operation. Roof flashing is particularly dangerous because of the height that the soft washing is usually needed to be done.

If you're interested in our pressure washing services you can call us at 831-788-3214.

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Roof Soft Washing in Salinas, CA

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Elementary School Playground Cleaning in Salinas, CA
Elementary School Playground Cleaning in Salinas, CA

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Pressure Wash and Soft Wash For A Church/School in Salinas, CA
Pressure Wash and Soft Wash For A Church/School in Salinas, CA

The first step was to pressure wash the concrete walkways, and other flat surfaces. We used a high-pressure washer with a rotary floor cleaner attachment to efficiently remove dirt, debris, and grime from these flat surfaces. We then used a soft wash to clean the walls […]

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