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Superior Concrete Cleaning For Properties in Monterey Peninsula

Concrete cleaning

Your Monterey Peninsula property deserves the best pressure washing that you can get in the business. When you work with Advanced Pressure Washing LLC we're certain that we will hire the best pressure washing technicians to make sure the job gets done right.

Concrete cleaning is an easy pressure washing operation that you could even DIY yourself. It is still best to leave the concrete cleaning to the Monterey Peninsula professionals because there's always a chance that using high-pressure and chemical cleaning agents that you may harm yourself or accidentally lead to the injury of something you care about.

Concrete washing works much the same as driveway washing in many functions. Here you can see our outline for the general concrete washing operations that we use on your properties:

  • We apply a wide area with a highly powerful pressure washing detergent and then leave the detergent sitting on the stone to soak into the Porous concrete.
  • After about 10 minutes the detergents will have soaked into the concrete and we can begin rinsing. Our pressure washing technicians rinse in slow even patterns moving up and down along a surface wall and in Broad Strokes on the ground.
  • Once we are certain all of the pressure washing detergent has been rinsed from the surface, we double-check to make sure that all Stains have been properly removed from the concrete cleaning solution.
  • And finally, after the concrete has been given about a day to drive, our technicians or you can apply a seal coat to make sure that the concrete remains durable and colorful all year long until it needs to be cleaned again.

We Have The Best Pavement Pressure Washing In Monterey Peninsula


Your pavement deserves to be taken care of. It supports you at your most foundational level, so you should make sure you return the favor by doing regular home maintenance to make sure that it lasts the half-century that it should.

Our pressure washing technicians are always on hand to make sure that you get the service that you require and that your property is properly maintained. If you are interested in our pressure washing services call us at 831-788-3214.

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