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Fleet Cleaning For Pristine Monterey Peninsula Work Vehicles

Fleet cleaning

If your Monterey Peninsula company has a large number of cars that need to be cleaned at an early time, the best thing that you can do is hire Advanced Pressure Washing LLC for our fleet cleaning services. Advanced Pressure Washing LLC has the experience and equipment available to make sure that your fleet cleaning job gets done fast and well.

Fleet cleaning is an essential pressure washing operation that may need to be done multiple times a year. Here's how we do it:

  • We apply a cleaning solution to your fleet of vehicles, but unlike driveway and house washing, we don't leave it to sink in on the surface of your cars becauseā€¦.
  • Believe it or not, your cars and trucks require soft washing from pressure washing professionals. It's relatively easy to damage the paint and metal of your fleet cars with a pressure washer.
  • Once the cleaning solution is applied, we softly wash your vehicles to perfection. You can later follow up this service with polishing and other cosmetics.

The best thing you can do for your fleet is to make sure your fleet cleaning is done by professionals, not amateurs with a hose! We have the best rates for commercial pressure washing as well. If you find a company that offers a lower rate, know that we can talk it out and that their commitment to customer service can't touch ours!

Work Vehicle Washing Is A Breeze With Advanced Pressure Washing LLC

When you work with the professionals at Advanced Pressure Washing LLC, you get the best pressure washing in Monterey Peninsula. Our work vehicle washing technicians will treat your fleet with the best care in the business.

We can wash the competition out of the water. Our best will help you and your company perform at peak performance. The company cars have never looked finer than when Advanced Pressure Washing LLC has taken the hose to them!

If you are interested in our pressure washing services you can call us at 831-788-3214.

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